Friday, 11 October 2019

Meeting with our partner - Bank Eskhata

Credit-information bureau of Tajikistan is holding a regular meeting with its partner, Bank Eskhata, to improve their skills among users of the products and services of the Credit Bureau.


During the training, were considered the following points:

- The correct usage of the CIBT Online System and credit report analysis as well;
- Scoring: сlarification, examples, methodology of its formation, factors affecting for its improvement/deterioration. Each range from "A" to "J" was also examined in details;
- The essence of the use of Agency agreements;
- Risk assessment. How to work with subjects to avoid getting them at risk (different levels of default of subjects)
- The importance of the timely data contribution, etc.


The purpose of the Credit Bureau is to increase the level of information literacy of both - among partners and subjects (citizens)

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